No, Your Other Left

So according to the Gospel That Is the Internet, I have an ambidextrous brain. (See: pretty balanced between the left and the right sides.) As with most self-evaluations, this came as a monster of a revelation to me. Suddenly, all my years of confusion and ambivalence seem less like a personal failure. For as long […]

Antisocial Networking

For someone who spends such an extensive amount of her day online, I ignored the “Social Networking Revolution” for a surprisingly long time, mostly for the same reasons that I never owned a television—I tend to be a little wary of things that suck up time without creating anything tangible. Oh, and I’m not particularly […]

How To Take a Screenshot And Get Your Problems Solved Faster!

So, let’s say you’re having a problem with your email, or if you’ve found a bug in your website. Your first instinct, naturally, is to fire off an email to your trusty web-person. But wait! Before you hit send, make sure you’ve included as much detail as possible—what you were trying to do when the […]